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IB partners at Investex now enjoy daily calculated commissions

The partnership program with Investex, which offers you one of the best IB commission rates in the market, has risen to a higher level of convenience. From now on, all commissions you gain for the referred clients are calculated on a day-to-day basis.

Our updated automated system ensures that your commission payments are made on time, which means you can skip the long remuneration process and proceed straight to withdrawing and spending the money you earned, with no delays and restrictions.

To benefit from our award-winning IB program, you just need to register for a Partner Account. From your Members Area, you can track the attracted clients who bring you up to 50% commission of spread and monitor all the bonuses credited to your account afterward. A wide range of marketing and promotional tools designed to multiply your earnings are always at your disposal as well. On top of that, you can reach out to your Personal Manager whenever you need any assistance with our IB program.

The dedicated Investex team are driven by the needs of its clients and are constantly looking to develop and implement new solutions for improving the experience you get. The in-depth updates that have recently taken place within our operations environment brought on a smoother flow of payment handling. Now all transactions are processed in a yet safer and faster way.

We strive to make your trading and partnership experience not only secure but beneficial as never before. Being a partner with the worldwide broker gives you unlimited earning potential.

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B2B Bank is officially renamed to Investex Bank

As part of the company's strategy to unite banking and brokerage lines under one brand name, B2B Bank Limited has been renamed to Investex Bank on June 12.

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Investex's CEO discusses AI's potential for finance at ATS 2018

On March 22–23, Investex team headed by the CEO Ivan Kuznetsov participated in Asia Trading Summit, one of the largest investment events in China.

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